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Week 3 - Results

I have collected over 100 responses, so thank you to everyone who has weighed in on my initial set of questions. I made a few interesting observations upon quick glance of the results:

1. On the Internet, there really is no way to force anyone to tell the truth. There is also no way to really know "who" is behind "what" they post. Interesting.

2. "I said bad words" is my favorite answer to, "how did you react..."

3. Approximately 50% of the respondents correctly answered, "how many people and things do you think are connected to the Internet?" Answer? Over 20 billion and rapidly counting.

4. About 75% of respondents (me included) feel like they need the Internet for survival.

5. Almost everyone pretty much knows what "the cloud" is (although I suspect not everyone knows how it's "magic" works, nor do they care). I attribute that to successful advertising campaigns from Apple and Amazon and Google.

More to come!


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